Private Parties

Whether you are celebrating a Bachelor party, Birthday, accomplishment or even just holding a get together, these packages are designed for you. All of these packages have all been designed with competition in mind. If you are looking to celebrate a younger drivers Birthday, please view our Kids Birthday Party options.

Our variety of Private Event Packages are designed for groups ranging from 8-24 drivers. No matter the group size only racers from your event will participate in the races, although other groups may be in the facility at the same time as your group. With prices ranging from $42 to $72 per person, there is an option for any group at nearly any budget.

Book with at least 3 days notice, and ProKART will waive the license fees for all drivers!

After a drivers meeting, all participants will head to the track for a Practice Session to get themselves acclimated to the karts and the track. Once practice is completed, Qualifying begins. This Qualifier determines the starting order for the group’s first race.

The Race Day Package: Includes 2 heat races. Race 1 starting order is determined by qualifying, and Race 2 is inverted! This means that the winner of Race 1 starts in the back of Race 2. Overall winner is determined by the best average finish.

The Grand Prix Package: This package starts out just like the Race Day, but has slightly shorter heat races. A longer 3rd race is added as a main event, in which the starting order is determined by the point standings after Heats 1 and 2.

The Ironman Package: A true test of mind and body. This single endurance race format will reward drivers that can not only run a fast lap time, but can keep pace throughout a much longer race.

The Adrenaline Rush Package: Our most exciting option, this package starts out with two 15-lap heat races similar to the Race Day. However this time, a 3rd “Mini Enduro” is added as a feature event. All three races will count toward each driver’s point totals for the event, however the “Mini Enduro” will be a double points race. The driver with the most points at the end of the event is the champion!

For race details and pricing, please view the Event Planning guides below. Guides are available for each location, so please view the guide for the facility you plan to visit!

Event Guide Bville 

These events are designed to be booked in advance. They may be available day of depending on our schedule and other factors as  determined by the manager on duty.

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