Q:  Is there an age requirement?
A:  All drivers must be at least 13 years old for walk-in Arrive & Drive racing. Drivers between  8 and 12 years old must complete our Kids’ Driving School to be authorized for racing. ALL MINORS MUST HAVE A COMPLETED MINOR RELEASE FORM ON FILE BEFORE PARTICIPATING. To access our online registration forms, or to print out a Minor Release Form, please click here.

Q:  Are reservations required?
A:  No, Arrive & Drive races are available for walk-ins. Please contact us for track availability. If you would like to book a private event, reservations are the only way to guarantee availability.

Q:  Are reservations accepted?
A:  Yes, the track can be reserved for group events of all sizes. Generally, groups of eight or more may be best served by booking a private race package. Arrive and Drive sessions may also be purchased online up to 48 hours in advance Sunday – Friday via our Online Booking page.  Please contact us with any questions, or refer to our Event Planning Guides for information on private parties.

Q:  Are there height/weight restrictions?
A:  Drivers must be able to safely reach the pedals. Pedal extensions, booster seats, and foam pads are available to aid individual fit. Junior racers may be placed in our Kids Karts based on their fit at the sole discretion of our staff. Our regular Arrive & Drive racing is designed for adults, thus the karts are designed to accommodate an average-sized adult. There is no set weight restriction, but generally those drivers who are over 250 lbs. may experience some discomfort with their fit.

Q:  How fast do the karts go?
A:  Our karts are capable of speeds up to 40 mph!

Q:  Is driving experience required?
A:  No experience is necessary. Prior to racing, all racers attend a mandatory briefing regarding safety, rules, flags, signals, and kart operation.

Q:  Are there two-seat or ride-along karts?
A:  No, all karts are single-seat, single-driver.

Q:  Can I wear my own helmet?
A:  Yes, you are welcome to use your own helmet. All helmets must be DOT or Snell approved and have full face and eye protection (e.g., goggles or safety glasses must be worn with a motocross helmet). We supply helmets ranging in size from XS to XXXXL. Use of a ProKART helmet requires a balaclava ($2).

Q:  What is the alcohol policy?
A:  We have a zero tolerance policy regarding alcohol, drugs, controlled substances, or anything that impairs your ability to operate a motor vehicle. An on-site breathalyzer will be used to measure the BAC of anybody that appears to be intoxicated. As a guideline: “Eight hours bottle to throttle.” ProKART reserves the right to refuse service to anybody suspected of taking an intoxicant prior to racing. Any racer removed from the track due to safety reasons is not entitled to a refund.

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