Karting Leagues

Winter Public League

*Each week you’ll get warm-up laps, two 15-lap heats, and at least one 20-lap main. Winners from lower mains will transfer to the next.

*10 weeks total. $35/week.

*Annual License required.

*Check-in no later than 7pm each week.

*Substitute racers: 1.) Must have their own valid Annual license. 2.) Must have at least one recorded race on file at ProKART Burnsville. 3.) Check-in under THEIR name. 4.) Let management know who they are subbing for BEFORE they take to the track.

*Racers must be 16+ unless pre-approved by management.

Winter Junior League

Our Winter Junior Leagues will kick-off on January 14th at 11am and continue every other week thereafter. Full Schedule: Wk1: Jan 14th; Wk2: Jan 28th; Wk3: Feb 11th; Wk4: Feb 25th; Wk5: Mar 11th; Wk6: Mar 25th; Wk7: Apr 5th; Wk8: Apr 22nd.

*$40/week or $260 to pre-pay for the whole eight-week series.

*Kids will race a minimum of three times each week. As we will be introducing new tracks throughout the season, the exact format may vary each week.

*Annual License required.

*Ages 8 to 15; All drivers 8 to 12 must have previously completed a kids driving class/party at a ProKART facility.

Custom and Private Leagues

Is your bowling league getting a little old? We offer public and private karting leagues for those looking for a more competitive experience at ProKART.

Leagues can range from 5 to 12 weeks in length, and are scored on an individual basis. This means you do not have team members to keep track of or worry about! League racers also use our “Driver Weight Ballast System” to equalize each driver’s weight, helping to keep the racing as competitive as possible! Leagues race on all of ProKART’s available track layouts. If you want to experience the straightaway of Infineon or the chicanes of Suzuka, you have to race Leagues!

Private leagues can be scheduled nearly any day or time to fit your busy schedule! A minimum of 8 drivers are required to set up your own private league, but many options are available including league length, frequency of race nights, length of races, etc..

Give us a call at 952-808-RACE or email info@prokartindoor.com for more info!