Karting Leagues

Summer Adult League

Summer League is here! Starting July 10th, this league runs for eight weeks. Racers compete in three races per night. Go week-to-week for $35 or do all eight weeks for $230 (Annual License required for any and all league races). Click here to sign-up!

*Check-in no later than 7pm each week to get your grid positions. Late check-ins will start in the back.

*All racers will get 5 to 10 warm-up laps and then compete in two 15Lap Heats and one 20Lap Main each week.

*Racers must take the “Joker Lane” one time in every race.

*Each week racers will be divvied up based on current weekly standings. If there are twenty racers, the top-ten will race together, and the bottom-ten will race together. Grid order for Heat1 is random, Heat2 is invert of Heat1. Mains are gridded in order of that night’s standings (same groups).

*All 15L heats are scored 12 to win, 11 for 2nd, 10 for 3rd, etc. 

*20L Mains: B-Main is scored 12 to win, 11 for 2nd, 10 for 3rd, etc. Winner of B-Main advances to A-Main for a chance to get on podium and score more points. A-Main is scored 15 to win, 14 for 2nd, 13 for 3rd, etc. Maximum points scored in one week is 39.

*Race weight is 220lbs, up to 66lbs of ballast.

*Substitute racers: 1.) Must have their own valid Annual license. 2.) Must have at least one recorded race on file at ProKART Burnsville. 3.) Check-in under THEIR name. 4.) Let management know who they are subbing for BEFORE they take to the track.

*Racers must be 16+ unless pre-approved by management.

Junior League

*Every other week starting on May 21st. Check-in 12:45pm. Racing from 1pm to 4pm (end times dependent on #of participants and schedule)

*Wk1 May 21st; Wk2 June 4th; Wk3 June 18th; Wk4 July 2nd; Wk5 July 16th; Wk6 July 30th; Wk7 August 13th; Wk8 August 27th.

*Times and dates may be subject to change. If there are changes to an upcoming week, we will contact all previous participants.

*Ages 8 to 13 are eligible for Junior Leagues

*Cost is $40/kid (Racers must have valid Annual License)

*All kids must have previously completed a kids school or kids birthday at ProKART

*Racers are placed in classes and karts at management’s discretion (based on number of races completed and laptime history)

*Drivers will get at least three races (two or three gridded starts, depending on what track is run).

Is your bowling league getting a little old? We offer public and private karting leagues for those looking for a more competitive experience at ProKART.

Leagues can range from 5 to 12 weeks in length, and are scored on an individual basis. This means you do not have team members to keep track of or worry about! League racers also use our “Driver Weight Ballast System” to equalize each driver’s weight, further equalizing the field! Leagues race on all of ProKART’s available track layouts. If you want to experience the straightaway of Infineon or the chicanes of Suzuka, you have to race Leagues!

ProKART’s public leagues are scheduled throughout the year on Monday Nights. There is usually a summer, fall, winter, and spring series. This league typically incorporates different weight classes or skill classes in order to allow for as many drivers as possible. Each series usually has a slight twist or change made from the last to keep things fresh!
Private leagues can be scheduled nearly any day or time to fit your busy schedule! A minimum of 8 drivers are required to set up your own private league, but many options are available including league length, frequency of race nights, length of races, etc..

To book your private League, or for more information on what options are available;
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