Kids Schools


If your young racer is under our minimum age requirement, we still may have options for you. We strive to provide everyone with a true racing experience and we’ve designed two specific ways for kids as young as eight years old to be introduced to karting in a safe and controlled environment.

Kids Private Parties/Birthdays: (Ages 8 and up) Click here for info

Kids Driving School: (Ages 8 and up) Kids receive detailed instructions on the basic aspects of racing. We cover flag definitions and driving techniques as well as how to safely operate our racing karts.

Once instruction is completed, the kids start on track with three controlled driving sessions with one of our on-track instructors. We will slowly increase the speeds allowing the kids to get comfortable at a controlled pace. After driving with the instructor, racers will get time to race at their own pace, practice their training, and try to set their best lap time. Throughout these sessions, our instructors will reinforce all the driving skills needed to successfully race at ProKART.

All kids that complete the course receive an Annual ProKART License which allows them to drive at ProKART in the future.

Class costs only $75! Class sizes are limited. A non-refundable $25 deposit is required when signing up your child. Classes are available at least once a month, and usually run on Saturday mornings from 8:45 to 10:45.  The dates and locations for upcoming classes are:

Burnsville Track
ProKART Burnsville’s Kids School reservations must be booked over the phone or in person. Please call 952-808-7223 to check availability and to get signed up.

Saturday, January 13th 8:45am – 10:45am; PLEASE ARRIVE BY 8:45am)

Privately Scheduled Kids Driving School:

If you can’t make the group class, we do offer the option to schedule a custom start time for one or more kids, subject to availability. These lessons will run almost identically to the group classes and includes an Annual License upon completion of the lessons. Cost  is $125/child. Contact us directly for details and scheduling.

Maple Grove Track

Call 763-428-1333 track to check availability.