-Cost is $350 per team

-A team consists of a maximum of 5 drivers, with a minimum of 2 drivers.

-One 8-minute qualifier is included in the price for each team member (see below).

-ALL drivers on a team must have a valid Annual License at ProKART Burnsville ($25). This cost is NOT included in the $350.

-ALL drivers must be at least 16+ years of age UNLESS APPROVED BY MANAGEMENT.


-Qualifying weight is set at 220lbs. Drivers will add up to 66lbs of ballast to reach race weight.

-The $350 team cost INCLUDES ONE 8-minute Arrive&Drive qualifying race FOR EACH driver.

-Drivers must set a qualifying lap before February 26th. In special circumstances, we may arrange for a qualifying session the morning of the event.

-Team qualifying time is the average of the entire team’s best qualifying lap.

-Drivers may qualify as many times as they wish.

-Drivers must submit qualifying time sheets to a track official to validate times.


-Check-in from 9am to 930am on February 26th. Race is estimated to finish before 1pm, when NASCAR season kicks off with the Daytona 500.

-Race weight is set at 220lbs. Drivers will add up to 66lbs of ballast to reach race weight.

-ALL teams will complete a minimum of NINE pit stops that include a driver change, regardless of team size. e.g. A team of five would all drive twice because one driver starts the race, drivers swap nine times, resulting in ten driving shifts.

-Teams may pit at any point in the race, except for the first 5 laps, the last 5 laps, or when another team is pitting.

-Teams will swap into a different kart for each driver change.

-First team to complete 500 laps with all driver changes complete wins the race.

-Strict clean racing policy.

-Spectators welcome! SkyBox will be open for the viewing public. Watch the Daytona 500 immediately after the PK500.