Guests purchasing any Arrive & Drive Sessions must have a valid 7-Day License or Annual License. Licenses do not transfer between facilities.

$10 – 7-Day License
$25 – Annual License (Includes a balaclava, a free race the week of your birthday, and eligibility for each tracks’ weekly “Customer Appreciation Specials.”)

Valid 7-day licenses may be upgraded to an Annual for only $15.

Arrive & Drive Kart Rental:

Each race is a separate eight minute rental session. Please Contact Us ahead of time to check the availability for “Open Racing”.  Track schedules can be different each day. Question about driver age, availability or reservations? Look at our FAQ page or call us!

$18 – One 8-min Session
$33 – Two 8-min Sessions
$45 – Three 8-min Sessions
$12 – for each additional Session thereafter

$2 – Balaclava (A cloth helmet liner that is required when using a ProKART helmet. It is reusable and yours to keep.)

Note: All race prices are per person. Due to system limitations, we are unable to process multi-ride discounts when booking online. When available, each race session booked online is $15.

Weekly Customer Appreciation Specials:

Available to Annual License holders only.

Burnsville’s Full Throttle Thursdays – $13.50 per race
Maple Grove’s Turbo Tuesdays – $12.00 per race

League Racing:

Please note that all League participants must have a valid ProKART Annual License ($25).
Our new league formats feature options that allow each series to be customized to the participants preferences.

$35 –  Each week
Discounts available for paying in full before Week 1 of any league!