Guests purchasing any Arrive & Drive Sessions must have a valid 7-Day License or Annual License. Licenses do not transfer between facilities.

$10 – 7-Day License
$15 – Upgrade a 7-Day License to an Annual License (Only available for valid 7-Day Licenses.)
$25 – Annual License (Includes a balaclava, a free race the week of your birthday, and eligibility for each tracks’ weekly “Customer Appreciation Specials.”)

Arrive & Drive Kart Rental:

Each race is a separate eight minute rental session. Subject to track availability. 

$18 – One Race
$33 – Two Races
$45 – Three Races
$15 – for each Race thereafter

$2 – Balaclava (A cloth helmet liner that is required when using a ProKART helmet.)

Weekly Customer Appreciation Specials:

Available to Annual License holders only.

Burnsville’s Full Throttle Thursdays – $13.50 per race
Maple Grove’s Turbo Tuesdays – $12.00 per race

League Racing:

Please note that all League participants must have a valid ProKART Annual License ($25).
 Our new league format runs eight weeks with three races per week:

$30 –  One Week
$220 – One Full Eight Week League Series (Paid in Full by week 1)

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