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Need to prove to your buddies that you have a higher RPM score than them? Want to track your lap-times and see how you have improved? Then you are in the right place


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How RPM Scores Work: Every racer starts out with 1200 RPM points. Every time you race you are scored against the other people you race against. Points are given or taken away depending on the place you finish. It’s a weighted scoring system: for example, if Mario Andretti, who has 3560 RPM points, races against Martha Stewart, who has 1200 RPM points, and beats her, Mario is going to take points directly out of Martha’s RPM stash. However, he is only going to get a couple points at most. Conversely, if the same race were to happen and Martha beat Mario, Martha would take points directly from Mario, but she would get many more points because she is effectively handicapped with only 1200 RPM compared to Mario’s 3560.

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